Release of 2020 result

 The Board of Terra Vitae Vineyards Ltd are pleased to advise that the audited Annual Report has been approved and will be released to shareholders once printing has been completed. The company traded at an operating profit of $1,163,220 (2019 loss $610,733) and an EBITDA of $4,066,671 (2019 $1,946,082). This was achieved on revenue from the 2020 harvest of $8,493,120 (2019 $6,532,669), an increase of 30%. After adjusting for fair value movements, the pre-tax profit achieved was $910,736 (2019 loss $850,503).


The Board have declared a dividend of 1.5c per share payable on 7 December 2020 with a record date of 23 November 2020

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