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About Terra Vitae

Terra Vitae Vineyards Limited was a public company formed by Villa Maria Estate Limited in 1998.

Under a management contract with Villa Maria, Terra Vitae developed three vineyards with a total of 142 hectares planted. Planting was completed in 2000. Tonnages harvested steadily increased with a record 1456 tonnes harvested in 2004.

Independent consultants were employed by Terra Vitae to advise the Board on the management and development of the vineyards.

Terra Vitae and Villa Maria negotiated a long-term grape purchasing agreement, which gave Terra Vitae a guaranteed purchaser for its grapes at market prices.

About Seddon Vineyard

Seddon Vineyards of Marlborough Limited was a public company formed in 1993 by Villa Maria Estate Limited. It was the first publicly owned vineyard company in New Zealand. The initial public offer of $2,000,000 was made up of 400 parcels of 5000 shares and was fully subscribed. A rights issue was made in the year 2000 to raise an additional $800,000 to fund the purchase of an additional 40 hectares, doubling the size of the existing vineyard.

Seddon Vineyards consisted of 84.2 hectares of Vineyard and is situated in the Awatere Valley, south of Blenheim. It had a long term contract with Villa Maria for both the management of the vineyard and the supply of grapes. The grape varieties grown included Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Gris.

Middlemiss Lease

In May 2020 the company entered into a long term lease of land adjacent to the Seddon Vineyard. Development of this land into a 62ha vineyard commenced immediately and the first crop is expected in 2022. Sauvignon Blanc makes up 42ha and Pinot Noir 20ha.

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