2021 Harvest Announcement

 The Board of Terra Vitae Vineyards Ltd advise that the vineyard production tonnage across all four vineyards was below budget. It was a challenging growing season in both Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough for the entire industry, with cool unstable weather patterns over the critical few weeks of flowering in November and December.

Last week the general manager of Wine Marlborough reported that the wineries had received fantastic fruit, but yields across the district were down 20% to 50%. The result in the Hawke’s Bay was similar for the white varieties. Although this industry result is disappointing, we can take some consolation that the impact on Terra Vitae was less than the industry overall. Terra Vitae were at the lower end of this industry shortfall in yield, with total tonnage down 21% on budget. The impact on the financial result will not be known until price adjustments have been made for reserve quality grapes, but it will be significant.

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